FUCK, where do we start? 

Australian Based artist David The Robot is a self taught Illustrator and artist who's drive comes from making others laugh and providing a bit of fun in this fucked up world during these fucked up times. Life is serious, and generally art is too.

David just wants to get weird and have fun with this shit, and as a quiet and shy person sometimes it's hard to stand out or have a voice. But with drawing he doesn't have to say shit, just let the pencil do the talking and now that he has a voice he won't shut the fuck up.

With a crude and somewhat janky style, he has used to his art to amass a huge social media presence of 350,000 followers on Instagram and has worked with brands such as Vans, Creature Skateboards, Street X, Varsity Burger. With $10 worth of pencils and a fine liner David has gone from drawing cocks on his science text books, to drawing cocks for Anderson .Paak's piano room wall.

For David the reward isn't money or the internet fame, "for me its the ability to brighten someone's day with an original idea from by brain and a bit of paper, I just want to grab life by the dick and never let go".